“Carte Blanche” by Christopher John Rogers x Farrow & Ball

Household name, Farrow and Ball have just lifted the curtain on their flamboyant new capsule collection, “Carte Blanche” – a selection of 12 new paint colours and 3 wallpaper patterns handcrafted in collaboration with Christopher John Rogers.

I’m so excited about this range! As a fan of Farrow & Ball paints (we used Cornforth White, Dimpse and Strong White in our last house and will no doubt be introducing it to our new home once renovated!) I adore the tones in their paints as well as the undeniable quality.

Farrow and Ball Cornforth White

Cornforth White in our Living Room

A playful new Farrow & Ball collection

Riding on the success of previous launches – cast your mind back to the reveal of Dead Flat in Spring 2023 and their 11 new colours this time last year – Carte Blanche offers a joyous opportunity for self-exploration and expression. Rogers recently told Vogue that the notions of both autonomy and play are “paramount” to the creative process, and we see this seep through in the Carte Blanche palette.

The spectrum of colours Rogers has picked out doesn’t stray from Farrow and Ball’s signature pigmentation and depth yet adds an extra something: sophisticated shades tempered with the designer’s addition of vitality and nostalgia. Whether you lean towards the bold shocks of colour or the more laid-back neutrals, this collection has boundless versatility and room for experimentation. To top it all off are three effortlessly modern wallpapers, introducing contrast with dotted, striped and glitched check motifs.

But first, who is Christopher John Rogers?

There was a bit of a stir when Rogers visited F&B’s Dorset factory earlier this year, and not without reason. Known as the brains behind some of the colourful garments worn by Lil Nas X and Rihanna to Vice President Kamala Harris and former First Lady Michelle Obama, his kaleidoscopic influence on the fashion scene has not gone unnoticed.

In fact, it is difficult to be unmoved by Rogers’ many creations, which evoke a sense of positivity, brightness and drama often with voluptuous shapes, loud colours, bold prints and texture play taking centre stage. These design elements blended with his pieces’ practicality have garnered the term “pragmatic glamour”. Originally hailing from Louisiana, the designer now resides in SoHo, New York, making the Carte Blanche collaboration an international sensation.

Exploring the 12 new colours

What shades are included in the Carte Blanche range? These new Farrow and Ball 2023 colours feature 4 classy neutrals and 8 statement shades, allowing you the creative licence to transform your space and communicate your message however you like.

Carte Blanches’ neutrals

Even though they initially intended to create 8 different shades, it became apparent during the creative process that incorporating neutral colours was crucial to maintaining a sense of balance among the vibrant tones. Here, Rogers excels in the art of subtle colour manipulation. The vibrant pieces seamlessly integrate various hues, while outfits in black or white serve to accentuate the additional colours. Likewise, the neutral tones within the collection serve to temper the overall brightness.

Au Lait No. CB9

The soft and creamy influence of this white can transform your interiors and is drawn from the chicory coffee popular in New Orleans, usually served with steamed milk.

Roasted Macadamia No. CB2

A soft neutral with the nutty undertones of roasted macadamias that squirrels are so fond of.

Cardamom No. CB5

A luxurious brown hue, reminiscent of the versatile and warming spice found in culinary traditions around the globe.

Liquorice No. CB10

While the classic sweet is a contentious flavour, the deep black of the shade certainly isn’t. Formulated using the root of the plant from which it takes its name, Liquorice is a delight to digest with the eyes.

Carte Blanches’ statement colours

Alongside the neutral tones, our palette comprises a total of 8 colours, encompassing four captivating shades of blue, a soft yellow, a vibrant pink, an exuberant green, and an incredibly vivid red. These colours offer countless colour combinations for your interior projects, allowing you to tailor your choices to suit your personal preferences and unique style.

Sardine CB8

This silvery-blue hue derives its name from a cherished afternoon snack enjoyed by a beloved grandfather. North-facing light will bring out the cooler tones in the colour.

Lobster CB7

A lively and vibrant shade of blue, inspired by the popular catch found in Louisiana waters.

Pea Flower Tea CB12

A vivid blue, this colour takes its name from the vibrant drink created by steeping butterfly pea flower petals.

Blue Maize CB11

Drawing inspiration from the distinctive hue of corn prevalent in Mexico and the Southern States, this deep blue is born.

Hog Plum CB1

A mellow, earthy yellow reminiscent of the sweet and tangy fruit found throughout Central America and the Southern States.

Shallot CB3

A delightful pink shade named after a sweeter member of the allium family, widely utilized in Cajun cuisine.

Raw Tomatillo CB6

This joyful and verdant green is inspired by the fried green tomatoes perfected by a beloved grandmother.

Romesco CB4

An opulent, brilliant red reminiscent of the classic Spanish sauce, also a beloved shade in the world of cosmetics.

The complementary white for the entire collection is Au Lait No. CB9, and all colours are available in various interior finishes including Dead Flat, Modern Emulsion, Modern Eggshell, Estate Emulsion, Estate Eggshell, and Full Gloss.

“Carte Blanche” by Christopher John Rogers x Farrow & Ball “Carte Blanche” by Christopher John Rogers x Farrow & Ball “Carte Blanche” by Christopher John Rogers x Farrow & Ball “Carte Blanche” by Christopher John Rogers x Farrow & Ball

Delve into the trio of new wallpapers

The most recent addition to Farrow & Ball’s lineup, the Carte Blanche collection, is a noteworthy moment as it marks the first time the brand has included wallpapers in any of their special collections. Furthermore, this launch signals the introduction of new wallpaper designs to the Farrow & Ball collection after a hiatus of six years.

Each of the three wallpaper patterns is a playful experimentation with shape and is available in four Carte Blanche colourways. Crafted with 75 years of expertise yet remarkably flexible, these elements can take form however you imagine.


This lively pattern pays homage to one of Christopher John Rogers’ iconic creations. The Graphic Dot design infuses your space with energy and joy. By utilizing the traditional flatbed printing technique, it introduces a distinctive texture and adds captivating depth.


A contemporary reinterpretation of a timeless classic, the Stripe pattern adds an extra layer of fascination to one of our cherished and enduring designs. Showcasing a wide, bold stripe, this pattern offers effortless versatility and can be hung in four unique arrangements to achieve your desired aesthetic.


Drawing inspiration from the bold and innovative work of textile artist Anni Albers in the Bauhaus tradition, the Check pattern pays tribute to her enduring legacy. Its geometric design, featuring a mix of scales, effortlessly bridges the gap between contemporary and timeless aesthetics, elevating your walls to the status of genuine works of art.

The Christopher John Rogers and Farrow & Ball collaboration is available to order from 7th September, 2023 – with all 12 new paint colours, and a world of possibilities, at your fingertips.

Which is your favourite? I’m a huge fan of Au Lait No. CB9


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