If you’re after an easy kids party activity which also acts as a great party favour, you could consider them ‘adopting an animal’. This also works really well for a farm party theme, which is what we did.

We held a joint birthday party for our girls at the Saloon Barn at Court Farm in Somerset and this activity went down a storm.

When the children arrived they let off some steam in the play area before choosing a little dog toy to adopt. We ordered them in bulk from an online company who supply toys for amusement arcade grabber machines and although we had some left over they still worked out a similar price to a party bag and our local charity shop was grateful for the donation of the remaining puppies.

Putting them in a vintage suitcase (a charity shop find years ago but you could find similar on eBay) and adding an ‘ADOPT A PET!’ poster to the inside of the lid was all that was required.

The posters and certificates were made using my fav online editing site of all time, Picmonkey. For design novices like me, this programme is perfect and sooooo easy to use. I love their templates and even I can create things that look pretty good.

We ordered plain white paper bags from eBay for them to go in and created ‘CERTIFICATE OF PET ADOPTION’ sheets for the children to fill in.

Once they’d chosen their toy, certificate and plain paper bag, they all sat at the table to make a collar for their puppy and to decorate the bag.

For the collars, they had different coloured pipe cleaners to choose from and small white parcel tags to add a name tag. No scissors required!

They decorated the bags using felt tip pens and stickers.

After adopting their pets they got to feed some real animals! Cuuuuute!

Food consisted of hot dogs and snacks like flapjacks; we cooked up the sausages at home just before we left for the venue and kept them warm in disposable foil trays with lids. We pre-cut the rolls before we left so everything was as simple as it could be.

The cake was actually made up of a large plain iced square cake and a smaller round one from two different supermarkets, which we stacked on top of each other and edged with burlap and lace ribbon.

We sprayed some plastic farm animals gold and used gold glitter candles to tie it all together.

Pink roses and gypsophila added some femininity and a touch of colour.

We placed it on a white table cloth covered with vintage lace then framed it with pink tulle netting and fresh flowers in glass jars.

The large helium-filled balloon with tassels helped to fill the large space and the personalised bunting using string, plain cardboard triangles and gold letter stickers added another personal touch.

The bike wheel was already there from a wedding the previous day but it looked cute so I left it!

After exploring the farm the children left with huge smiles on their faces and an animal which they were allowed to take home.

Because I have a slight (ok severe) addiction to party themes, my Pinterest boards are packed full of them! You can check them out here.

The Farm Party board is here.

The Puppy Adoption Party board is here.

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