Kids love to get crafty and homemade gifts are always well-received, so here are some quick and easy projects that are guaranteed to be a hit with family members, classmates and teachers. Plus they don’t take too long so their attention can be held for the duration, in theory!

Reindeer Candy Canes

Simply fix two candy canes together using a brown pipe cleaner then use PVA glue to attach the googly eyes and a red pom pom nose. If you’d rather not have the glue out you could source self-adhesive eyes with the peel off paper and red dot stickers instead. This is great for classmates and as a Christmas party activity too.

Mistletoes Hanger

Homemade gifts using your childrens’ hand or footprints are always a winner and they make great keepsakes too. Here we’ve painted iridescent glitter glue directly onto their feet, stamped onto green card, then cut around the shape and punched a hole in the top to attach the twine, bells and personalised mistletoe berry made from a blank parcel tag.

Snowman Biscuits

How cute are these snowman biscuits?! My children absolutely loved creating these (although not as much as eating them). They added icing sugar to biscuits, then using a chocolate icing tube drew snowman details on the white icing and marshmallows and fixed to the biscuits before the icing sugar dried. A sweet little strawberry lace scarf added a colourful festive touch.

Chocolate Coin Reindeer

My daughter made one of these for each of her classmates and teachers, which went down rather well! I created the reindeer template from card which she used to draw and cut her own (with a little help from mummy) before PVA gluing a chocolate coin nose and googly eyes to each one. She then drew a mouth and signed off her name using a black pen.

Snowman Chocolate Bars

Another quick and easy option for classmates or as a kids party activity. I bought rectangular shaped chocolate bars which we wrapped in white wrapping paper and drew snowmen on the front. Simples!

Pom Pom Baubles

Check out how we made our pom poms here. We then added homemade tags and bells to finish off the look. This task is a bit more time consuming than some of the others but so rewarding and it creates something that will last forever. I’d love to see the tags personalised ‘From the Smith Family 2017’ as gifts too.

Driftwood Reindeer Decorations

These driftwood reindeer Christmas tree decorations were homemade gifts for our family and were really appreciated. Using superglue we made a triangular shape out of driftwood then added googly eyes and a spiral shell nose which we painted in red glitter. We tied cream chenille wool to the ‘antlers’ to create the loop and used a black pen to personalise them. You could use twigs and red pom poms if you don’t have access to beach materials.

Bedside Ring Holder

This project has so many colour and design possibilities as you can pretty much spray paint anything! The full post is here.

Merry Christmas!

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