Safari Chic Dotty Guest Bedroom5 Top Tips to Prepare your Home for Viewings

5 Top Tips to Prepare your Home for Viewings – those little things can make a difference & don’t cost the earth (or anything) but could really help to sell your home! Or make you love it so much that you want to stay…

First impressions count

Move your car to create space for the visitors – the last thing you want is them put off because they struggle to park. A plant pot with colourful flowers either side of the front door and a tidy path can go a long way.

Smell is important!

When walking through the door the last thing visitors want is to smell pets or a musty whiff in the air. Ensure all pets (& their beds etc) are moved where possible, shake n vac if necessary, and replace the smell with scented candles, home baking or a fresh pot of coffee.

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Declutter and remove ‘bits & bobs’

For example, in the kitchen tidy away cereal boxes taking up work surface to showcase how much space there is while cooking. Let the prospective buyer imagine using the cookery books and creating beautiful cuisine in the space – on a perfectly clean hob! (You don’t want them to think the first thing they’ll need to do is either clean or replace it)5 Top Tips to Prepare your Home for Viewings Timeless Style Decor

5 Top Tips to Prepare your Home for Viewings

Sell a lifestyle

Project ‘escapism’ and ‘relaxation’ in the living room by adding cushions and throws to the sofa and placing candles on the coffee table. They’ll soon be imagining themselves curling up with a book in this cosy sanctuary.

Bedrooms need to look so inviting you want to snuggle up in bed the minute you see it! Clear clothes away and present the bed beautifully with cushions and throws.

You don’t want viewers to walk in and think ‘oh, we’ll have to repair that dripping tap or paint that peeling wall’ because that’s what they’ll focus on so get those little jobs done before your home goes to market and the effort will go a long way.

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Broaden your market

For example, if selling a family home clear as many toys away as possible to showcase how much space there really is and avoid putting off non-family buyers, but highlight that there is storage space for toys or other items using bookshelves, baskets and furniture.

5 Top Tips to Prepare your Home for Viewings 5 Top Tips to Prepare your Home for Viewings

5 Top Tips to Prepare your Home for Viewings

Safari Chic Dotty Guest Bedroom

5 Top Tips to Prepare your Home for Viewings

I hope my 5 top tips to prepare your home for viewings has been useful and may I wish you all the best in your home move!

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Please do comment below with your thoughts and other tips for home viewing preparation.

Until next time,

Kel x

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Safari Chic Dotty Guest Bedroom


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