5 top tips for choosing and layering rugs Photo credit: Mireya Gonzalez 

5 Top Tips for Layering and Choosing Rugs

I’m a huge believer that rugs can make or break a room as they ground a scheme and set the tone for the space (they’re also rather practical when you want to protect light-coloured carpets from the kids!). Has anyone else noticed the ever-growing ‘rug layering’ trend gracing our home magazines and Pinterest boards?! I for one am not complaining…any excuse to add interest and depth to a room is ok in my book (particularly when it involves soft furnishings!).

However sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming when making such an important (and often expensive) choice so I thought I’d share my 5 top tips for layering and choosing rugs to help you along this journey whilst also sharing a rug brand you should absolutely know about – Sukhi.

If you love handmade as much as I do and appreciate the love and individuality that comes with it then you’ll love Sukhi. Sukhi means ‘happy’ in Nepali and they specialise in the highest quality handcrafted rugs, preserving age-old rug making traditions and treating artisans with dignity and respect. I’m in love my beautiful ‘Beni Ourain‘ rug not just because I love how it looks in my home but because of the values behind it. It’s made from durable all-natural 100% sheep wool and has come directly from their Moroccan creators who live in the rugged Middle Atlas Mountains. No two rugs are alike so it really is like owning a piece of original art. I know I’ll cherish my ‘Malika’ forever.

It’s also the perfect rug for layering as the cosy wool texture sits so brilliantly on the large sisal rug in our living room, which leads me on to my first top tip:

Top Tip No.1

When layering rugs consider the texture and size of each one to ensure there’s enough contrast between them. For example, wool on wool would be far less interesting than small wool on large sisal or an irregular shaped sheepskin/cowhide on a big rectangular shape. Thicker rugs work better on top too.

If you have a large open plan space with lots of zones, layered rugs are also a great way of ensuring you draw the eye to the key focal points in the room. A bold colour or pattern will help with this as well.

Also…why stop at two?!

Top Tip No. 2

Know the size of the rug you need, particularly for the largest rug in the room which can be really helpful to ground the space if you have lots of floating furniture such as a coffee table. A general rule of thumb is to have all pieces of furniture sitting on the rug (even if it’s just the front two legs of a sofa) and around 10-20″ of floor between the walls and the edge of the rug. Bigger is generally better and masking tape can be a really good way of testing the size before you buy.

Sukhi Moroccan Rug Sukhi Moroccan Rug Photos credit: Mireya Gonzalez

Top Tip No. 3

A really cute ‘layering’ trend I’ve noticed lately isn’t actually in the main rooms of the house…it’s outside in the porch! Think of a smaller black and white gingham doormat on bigger natural sisal one with a gorgeous plant pot either side. It makes the entrance really inviting and you can follow it through by adding a runner in the hallway.

Top Tip 4.

For practical purposes think carefully about the material, pattern and colour of your rug dependant on the traffic in that area. For high traffic areas like the living room or hallway the rug needs to be easy to clean and less likely to show up marks. For low traffic areas such as the bedroom you can afford to go lighter, plainer and more luxurious.

Top Tip 5.

If you end up with a rug that’s too small for the room because you’ve moved house or mis-ordered don’t immediately discount it. If you love it and the pattern, colour and style goes perfectly, simply buy a bigger plain one to go underneath…et voila, it fits!   Photos credit: Oh So Kel 

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My beautiful ‘Beni Ourain‘ rug from Sukhi is versatile, oh so cosy to walk (or sit) on, impressive in quality and I adore the subtle boho vibes too (if you’ve seen our Girl’s Boho Bedroom, Pampas Grass Boho Wedding Photoshoot or Boho Fiesta you’ll know I’m a fan of the boho look!). To be honest, I can imagine this in every room of the house because the colour and pattern is really neutral and simple so don’t be surprised if it pops up in various other layered looks soon!

I hope my 5 top tips for layering and choosing rugs has helped. Share in the comments what your favourite rug is in your home and why!

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The Sukhi rug was a gifted item

5 Top Tips for Choosing and Layering Rugs



  1. August 17, 2019 / 2:23 am

    Amazing and really useful tips! Rugs add so much warmth and coziness into any space and it’s essential to know how to choose the best one for your home and how to style it. I’m so happy you’ve found a perfect place for your Sukhi rug, it looks stunning in your home, even better than I could have expected it. Thank you so much for your support!

    • ohsokel
      November 27, 2019 / 1:46 pm

      I’m absolutely loving it, especially at this time of year! Glad you love my tips too 🙂

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