Coming into spring I don’t know about you but I get a sudden urge to rid all remnants of winter and desperately want to breathe freshness into our home.

This week I switched up our family room in just 15 minutes using some quick tricks and I can’t tell you how much better it felt afterwards!

Here are 5 easy ways you can add spring touches to your home too:

1. Lose the layers

Strip back the layers of cosy knitted blankets and faux fur throws from the sofa and bed in favour of a cleaner, fresher look. It’s amazing what a difference it makes! Our sofa is quite dark but the cleaners lines and introduction of pastels really lifts it don’t you think?

2. Say YES to pastels!

The reason I stock 45x45cm (standard size) cushion covers is because you can easily and pretty cheaply change up home decor by simply switching the cushion covers. Once you have a set of good quality feather fillers the possibilities are endless!

In spring, try losing the heavy rich fabrics and colours in favour of pastel and lighter tones.

3. Introduce dried blooms

Plants are always a good idea, particularly as there are health benefits, but try grouping them together instead then replacing their previous spaces with colourful dried or everlasting flowers in spring-like colours for an instant lift around the room.

My collection of everlasting blooms and plants may give you some inspiration.

4. Upcycling pots & jars

Vellum paper, spray paint or funky gift wrap offers a world of low-cost upcycling opportunities. If you have gloomy plant pots, recycling jars or dark vases, consider spraying them (Check out my post on Easy Spray Paint Ideas) or wrapping them with vellum or wrapping paper for an instant lift.

I have a collection of funky line and unbreakable pastel vases which may be of interest too.

5. Switch up wall decor

What you have on your walls is often at eye-level so it’s amazing the impact your wall decor can have and it’s also remarkably easy to switch it up for little or no cost…

Try printing family photographs which have cheerful colours you wish to introduce to your space, have a go at creating your own DIY geometric abstract art using scrap paper like I did for our Guest Room, or painting a blank canvas using acrylics like I did here.

You could also frame uplifting greetings cards – or the free 7×5 postcard I send with all of my shop orders.

Here I replaced a dark picture with the Coral Macrame Wall Hanging from my collection:

I hope these 5 easy ways you can add spring touches to your home have provided some inspiration!

Until next time,

Kel x


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