Mummified carve free pumpkin with spiders5 easy carve free pumpkin ideas5 Easy Carve Free Halloween Pumpkin Ideas – perfect for kids!

Believe it or not this is actually the first time we’ve ever bought pumpkins (and little squashes) and I have to be honest, I’ve never been keen on the idea of scooping out all of the mush or giving my kids a knife to carve out their designs.

Soooooooo, for our first ever attempt we sort of copped out by going for the carve free option, creating super easy (non messy, no knives required) designs in a matter of minutes and I’ve shared 5 easy care free halloween pumpkin ideas below should you wish to ‘cop out’ like us!

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Loving these ideas?

  1. Leopard print pumpkins using a Sharpie penLeopard print pumpkin

  2. Cute Day of the Dead cat pumpkin using a Sharpie pen and ears headbandCat carve free pumpkin 5 easy carve free pumpkin ideas

  3. Mummified pumpkin using first aid kit bandages and plastic spidersMummified carve free pumpkin with spidersMummified carve free pumpkin with spiders

  4. Spray painted white pumpkin with gold boho graffiti designwhite sprainted carve free pumpkin with gold graffiti

  5. Rose gold spray painted pumpkins, pure and simple (and classy)Rose gold spray painted pumpkinRose gold spray painted pumpkin

The one thing I would say about all of these designs is that I’m not sure how well they’d do in the rain, so these are perhaps better under a porch or indoors!

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For dark and moody halloween that incorporates bright and beautiful flowers, check out our Day of the Dead Party here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our 5 easy carve free halloween pumpkin ideas; if you create anything after seeing this post please do comment below or tag me on Instagram and Facebook!

Happy no-mess no-knives halloween peeps!

Kel x

5 easy carve free pumpkin ideas5 easy carve free pumpkin ideas


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