4 Ways to Travel to Ireland In Luxury

4 Ways to Travel to Ireland In Luxury

Many Brits love to take a short trip to Ireland, but have you ever tried travelling to the country in style? Since Ireland is just beside Britain, GOV.UK reports that as many as three million British nationals visit the country every year. Most of these leisure trips are trouble-free, thus making it enticing for many travellers to come back for more.

Though Ireland may be a popular destination, you can still make each trip more memorable by travelling in luxury. You can definitely sit back and relax as you travel to Ireland through one of these experiences:

Drink in the sights via luxury ferry

Ferry cruises are usually taken by travellers who want to skip the long airport security lines and relax on a boat with a view of the sea. However, most ferry cruises offer straightforward services, since they’re typically designated to transport passengers and cargo.

Recognising that ferry cruises can be a soothing experience, Irish Ferries launched the W.B. Yeats ferry for passengers who want to see charming decor and enjoy amenities as they may their way to Irish ports. As the largest and most luxurious ferry to sail on the Irish sea, this ferry offers luxury suites that have private balconies for your personal viewing experience.

Take a slow journey across the ocean

Luxury ferries offer convenient services as you travel across the sea. But if you want to indulge yourself, you can partake in an ocean journey that provides more amenities onboard.

With long ocean trips being infinitely more relaxed and immersive, Explora Cruises illustrates that you can maximise your journey by accessing luxury amenities such as spa services and wellbeing programmes while you’re onboard. You can even treat yourself to nine distinct culinary experiences as you slow down and enjoy the finer things in life on your way towards Ireland. You can even customise your onboard experiences, so that each of your trips will be unique.

Savour a private flying experience

If you want to cherish the trip with your chosen loved ones, you can book an exclusive flight to Ireland instead. By booking a private flying experience, you can enjoy the ultimate privacy while you’re travelling with your family or friends.

Privacy is indeed a luxury, which is why Exjets organises flights from the initial planning phase to your arrival so that they can ensure your safety and comfort. Due to their dedication to providing a seamless journey for their consumers, Exjets has been able to build long-term relationships with loyal customers. Their experience guarantees that you can sit back and relax as you fly towards your destination in Ireland.

Breeze through the sky in a helicopter

Planning to make numerous side trips on your way to your destination? By riding in a helicopter, you can provide privacy to your loved ones as you travel to multiple remote destinations across the UK and Ireland.

Unlike private jets, helicopters are highly adaptable, so they can land in remote, crowded, or even hard-to-reach places. So if you want to combine luxury with adventure, Executive Helicopters can help you book a charter tour across Ireland. Through this exclusive experience, you can view aerial sights of Ireland while being subjected to the highest standards of aviation safety.

Luxury travels offer exclusive and relaxing encounters that can help you enjoy the beauty of life. If you want to further discover how to live beautifully, check out our other articles at Oh So Kel. Our homeware and decorative accessories can turn your home into an everyday source of luxury.


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